The Mañana People’s music isn’t the easiest thing in the world to explain, so bear with us for a moment. It is the product of the minds of Tim Weissinger and Alvaro Arango, which are even more difficult to explain. Tim claims to be German, but he says „Adios!“ a lot, writes poems, chews tobacco, and looks astonishingly sexy in Lederhosen. Alvaro is a Colombian refugee, accused by his folks of being a vampyre. Sometimes people see him standing on his roof, signaling with a flashlight. Their hobbies are oranges and taxidermy. They like pretending they are hobos, or world-weary cowboys, or a virus from outer space. Especially when writing songs. So how does the music sound like? Do you hear lonesome guitars twanging into your right ear? That was them. Do you get a laughing banjo crawling into your left one? That was them too. Do you hear that theremin flashing through your other ear right into your brain? You three-eared freak! You’re welcome, anyway. Do you hear it all? You’re one of them now. You are a Mañana Person too.

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